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Eyedental Instrument Co., Ltd.


A Letter to the Customers

First of all, thank you for supporting for the last few years.

We will as always provide to all our customers the latest tec. products with the highest quality products. With the the best price and highest quality. To provide the best service for you.

Second, in order to meet the customer demands for the diversity of products. We can according to the requirements of the customers to produce or print your  LOGO in our products, etc.

Third, if you want to come to China to visit our company and factory. We extend a warm welcome. And we can send you the invitation to the Chinese consulate in your country, to help you to obtain for business visit visa.

Fourth, we will send our translator to make your travel arragements and pick you up at the airport. Take you to visit Chinese Beauty.

Fifth, if you are interested in other industries, we can accompany with you to visit our factories. Help you check the quality of the product and price. Expand your business better.

Sincerely hope can be your business partner and friends.

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